The statistics surrounding diabetes are astounding. For example, every 30 seconds a diabetic amputation is performed. Another is that 85 percent of all diabetic amputations are preventable!

A typical scenario: an average American who enjoys eating and isn’t particularly athletic, with a waistline that has been growing for years.  It’s not shocking when such an individual is told they have diabetes. Their feet usually won’t hurt, even if a thick callus develops (usually because of pressure). This can result in an ulceration, allowing bacteria in. An infection will often ensue. If a doctor sees a bone infection on x-ray, a below-knee amputation is often recommended. This is truly life changing.

Dr. McLean, a podiatrist certified in both surgery and wound care, will provide you with an education about your diabetes, as well as neuropathy, and the diabetic’s inability to feel pain appropriately. Some new, non-drug treatments, available at Superior Foot and Ankle Centers, have shown promise in improving nerve function. Most doctors will only offer drugs to mask the pain.

A regular evaluation by Dr. Conway McLean will allow him to recognize the signs of impending skin breakdown, often caused by a foot deformity. This may be due to neuropathy since the muscles that keep the feet and toes straight are controlled by nerves. Dr. McLean is trained in performing reconstructive surgery through small openings, making healing a much easier process, thus, avoiding the events leading to ulceration, infection, and ultimately amputation.  

Podiatrists are the primary member of the team caring for diabetics to prevent amputation, proven by recent studies. Even the American Diabetes Association recommends podiatric care. Having taught at multiple medical institutions, McLean stresses education for people living with diabetes. The more you know, the better you will do.

Diabetics can lead normal lives, but it requires work and education. If you have diabetes, learn about the disease. You can experience a good quality of life. And get your feet checked by a specialist like Dr. Conway McLean!