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Generating great excitement in the world of musculoskeletal medicine is the development of shockwave therapy, beneficial for many common conditions including heel pain, chronic tendonitis, and many others. This is an extremely effective therapy, which has no complications or side effects, and boasts an 80-90% success rate. It is a technique well established for decades.

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Many Consequences to A High Arched Foot

Know anyone who has sprained their ankle? Do you know anyone who hasn’t? Isn’t that a better question? Because of its weight-bearing function and the construction of this joint, the ankle is the most commonly injured joint among athletes, and a frequent cause of pain and problems in the general population. Some people have problems with recurrent ankle sprains, and feel like they can turn their ankle on a tiny crack in the sidewalk. Why does this happen so easily and so frequently to some? The explanation I hear so often is they have “weak ankles”, when, in actuality, they often have a deformed foot……the dreaded cavus foot!

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Mysterious Ankle Injury Has Simple Solution

I’ll bet you knew a guy like Joe. He was one of those fellows who was sort of popular in school, though not really part of the “it” crowd. He was smart, but not that smart, not one of the brainy nerds. Joe liked sports, but wasn’t ever good enough to be a starter or even a back-up; instead he was perpetually a bench warmer. Nonetheless, he tried, and that was appreciated. Because he was a nice guy, and didn’t make waves, he was included in many activities. Did you know a “Joe” in school?

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