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New Ways To Heal Old Wounds

There is an epidemic occurring (I know what you are thinking: another??), considered “silent” by many, taking place world-wide. Although research is on-going, and advances in technique and technology are announced almost daily, no one wants to talk about the non-healing wound they have. But chronic wounds affect around 6.5 million patients in our country, and the costs of caring for those afflicted is staggering.

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New Device Stretches Skin to Close Wounds

 Each era of medicine brings new advances. One of the most recent hot topics is wound care, which is the study and treatment of wounds that don’t heal in a normal and timely fashion. This frustrating and often painful condition is far more common than many realize, since it is almost always covered and out of sight. Intensive research has revealed much about wound care, including new and exciting ways to treat them.

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