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Diabetic Limb Loss Often Preventable

Ms. Severino, an elderly woman who was diagnosed with diabetes just a year ago, told her family doctor that her shoes fit her fine, and that there was no way they were the cause of her blister. In fact, the blister on the side of her foot didn’t even hurt, despite the fact that it was really quite red, and kind of swollen too. She had noticed it a few days ago, but hadn’t done anything about it, figuring it would get better on its own.

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Diabetes and F.R.E.M.S Therapy

One of the most dangerous effects of diabetes is on the ability of the foot to detect various types of trauma. Some of the nerves in the feet are responsible for producing pain  in response to injury. This is an extremely important sensation. When the nerves stop working well, the afflicted individual may feel some things well, but might not be alerted to other things, like a scrape, blister, or some other minor trauma to the skin. When combined with a diabetic’s reduced ability to fight bacteria, it is understandable that diabetics suffer from a higher incidence of serious, limb-threatening infections.

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The Terrible Triad of Diabetes (Bad Things Come in Threes)

Did you hear about poor uncle Steve? He cut himself while trimming his toe nails. So you might ask: “What’s the big deal“? Steve wasn’t concerned. In fact, it didn’t hurt at all, so why would he worry? Even though the cut didn’t heal in the usual time, he didn’t give it a second thought. That changed when he developed an infection, and he ended up losing his leg.

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