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Many Complications to Pharmaceutical Treatment

When Susan, a 56-year old, advertising executive began experiencing pain in the back of her heel, she immediately attributed it to her new exercise regimen. Surprising, since it only consisted of walking farther, and more often. She wasn’t yet doing any treadmill work, or the yoga she was hoping to return to. Her fitness plan was largely due to the weight gain she had experienced over the last years, which had been steady, and quite disconcerting. Yet, over-all, her health was good. She did have a urinary tract infection some months ago, which had dragged on for weeks before an antibiotic knocked it out.

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Shin Pain Caused By Foot Mechanics

Podiatric physicians have been essential in allowing many to begin, or continue, their exercise regimen. Many individuals, especially seniors, utilize walking as their primary form of aerobic exercise, obtaining many health benefits in the process. But what do you do when your favorite pursuit causes pain? Consulting with the appropriate health care provider is important to attain optimal health status.

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