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Many Treatments For The Achilles Heel

Have you heard of the phenomenon of the weekend warrior? It’s not just a cliché, but a real thing, the desk-bound office worker, who sits at a desk for the 40-hour work week, then glued to the television after another tough workday. On the weekend, he goes to war on the local football field, the neighborhood hard court, or whichever is his game of choice. This type of combatant may be limited in his conditioning, but not his enthusiasm, and he harkens back to the days of yore, when he did battle with the energy and vitality of youth. He is no longer young in body, only in spirit. This is the prototypical weekend warrior.

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Shin Pain Caused By Foot Mechanics

Podiatric physicians have been essential in allowing many to begin, or continue, their exercise regimen. Many individuals, especially seniors, utilize walking as their primary form of aerobic exercise, obtaining many health benefits in the process. But what do you do when your favorite pursuit causes pain? Consulting with the appropriate health care provider is important to attain optimal health status.

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